Apollo Solar

Warranty and Support

Apollo, through Freedom Forever, offers a unique solar production guarantee – on TOP of your system’s standard warranty!

It comes down to quality, and transparency. We partnered with Freedom Forever because they use the highest quality components, installed by experienced professional installers. 

Each solar system is meticulously inspected by a Freedom Forever professional after installation, as well as a local or city Inspector before the utility officials assess and grant permission to turn on your system.

The Freedom Forever 25-Year Production Guarantee

Apollo, through Freedom Forever guarantees that your solar system will produce the electricity we promise it will with our 25-Year Production Guarantee. We monitor your system, if it ever breaks or falls short on power generation, we fix it and reimburse you for any lost savings. With the Freedom Forever 25-year production guarantee, you get 25 years of worry-free power from the sun, it’s that simple.

What we do if there is a problem. We monitor your system for 25 years. If we detect that its performance is falling short, we’ll contact you and send someone out to fix it. If the shortfall is caused by something that is our fault, Freedom Forever will compensate you for the shortfall. The amount of compensation you receive will be listed in your contract with us.