Apollo Solar

Our Happy Clients

“I was opposed to the idea of solar, but Apollo helped me realize how much I am overpaying for something I can produce on my own roof!!. I’m saving money right off the bat with solar, while saving the environment. Thank you for a fantastic experience!”

Joseph F. - Galveston, TX

“Very happy to have produced our first KWH. Thanks to Apollo team for a seamless job of istallation, permitting and activation. Pleased with the quality of the equipment and service.”

Susan B. - Houston, TX

“What an amazing company! They were awesome explaining everything. I didn’t pay anything out of pocket and I’m saving so much money with solar!! Thank you, Apollo.”

Raquel M. - El Paso, TX

“I was so happy with my savings, it’s a no brainer. There’s no upfront fee or any down payment to get this thing going!”

Sam D. - Las Cruces, NM

“At first I could not believe that I could get a solar system without paying any money out of pocket, but after meeting with Apollo, they showed me all of the details, the fine print and IT IS REAL. My panels are installed, I started saving right away, and I didn’t have to pay anything. On top of that, they equipped my home with a Vivnt Smart Home and security system. The installation was so professionally done, what a great company!

Victor I. - El Paso, TX