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How Solar Works & FAQs

Going Solar Saves Money, the Environment and Time.

Solar panels collect energy from the sun and convert it into clean, renewable electricity. Our panels and inverters are top quality, ensuring our customers’ systems are highly efficient and can easily power their home or business’ energy needs throughout the year and for many decades to come.

Consider switching to solar and learn about the wide range of solar incentives that may be available to you. From Federal Tax Credits, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) and solar rebates, there are many ways to offset the cost of your system. When paired with net metering and specific state incentives, there is an abundance of reasons to go solar today.


Every household has unique needs that are directly related to a home’s energy consumption. Each homeowner has different living habits as well, so regardless of square footage, we build customized solutions for each and every homeowner. Our solar energy systems are designed for your homes’ individual requirements, which will be determined by your savings goal and our team of solar energy consultants. We always offer this custom savings report for free with a no-hassle obligation to give you a better idea of an exact price. Once we explain the value of solar to you, we know you will see working with Apollo will be an easy decision.

When the sun shines on your solar panels, it creates an electric current that flows from your panels to your solar inverter. Next, the solar inverter converts the energy into alternating current (AC) and sends it to your breaker box, which you can use to power your home.

Solar energy used to be expensive, but with advances in production technology and the growth of the industry as a whole, pricing has become more affordable than ever. Homeowners can also utilize state and federal incentives along with our progressive financing programs, to not only pay less than what they pay to their current utility today, but also save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the system. The creation of solar programs that require ZERO upfront cost to switch have really helped solar adoption take off. Solar is not only a much more affordable energy option, but it also pays for itself through savings and the additional income your system can generate for you.

While solar panels are made to produce the most energy on clear sunny days, it does not have to be completely sunny for your panels to produce electricity. On cloudy or overcast days, the panel production will lessen slightly, but they will still be producing power because they capture the irradiance of the sun – which penetrates the clouds during an overcast or rainy day. Typically, in winter months, when days are shorter, solar panels can produce the same or more power per day due to the position of the sun in the sky. Solar panels can also handle adverse weather conditions and act as a shield over your existing roof. Solar panels have been tested to withstand a 90 mile per hour golf ball size hail strike. They are also built to withstand direct lightning strikes and gale force hurricane winds. You can rest assured our panels are durable to the elements of our planet.

That is our job to determine, so give us a call or send us a message and we’ll make it simple. We will evaluate the integrity of your roof structure, any shading present from trees, the power usage in your home or business, along with the incentives and financing options available to you. Once we gather all of this critical information, our energy consultants can give you a free customized savings report and panel roof design for you to look over. Call or message us today!

We got you covered for a full 25 years in which we warranty all the mechanical components of your system. On top of that, we also guarantee the production of your system for 25 years as well. Your panels will continue to work for much longer than that, up to 50 years, with some loss in efficiency over that time. This is also known as degradation.

In most regions, even where it rains less than 8-10 inches per year, annual rainfall should keep the panels clean. It may be necessary, and it is even recommended to spray the panels down with a hose once a year. While solar panels are durable, Apollo Solar offers a 25-year production guarantee in case you notice your panels are producing less than you expected. You can give us a call and we can advise you what to do or send a technician out to check out your system. Please note that these warranties only cover production issues due to defects, and not physical damage to the panels due to negligence or acts of nature. We also offer a more thorough cleaning service for our customers if necessary.

Usually in just a few weeks! Typically, most of our customers are operational in 7-8 weeks, but depending upon the speed of your utility some timelines can be longer. On the day of installation, our expert installers arrive early and are gone before nightfall. Depending on the size and complexity of electric wiring, installation of larger systems can take 1-3 days, but most homes are completed in one day. Apollo and Freedom Forever handle all the details from design, engineering, permitting, installation, inspections, and monitoring. Once you decide to go solar, we will take care of the process to make it as simple and seamless as possible.